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Mat Assassins

Premier Wrestling Taining Center

in Northeastern Pennsylvania




Mat Assassins Wrestling Club Purpose and Goals of the Program.

Mat Assassins Wrestling Club is committed to improving the minds and bodies of young wrestlers through the following goals:

* To introduce children and their parents to folkstyle (collegiate) wrestling.

* Provide an alternative activity to drugs, alchohol and gangs.

* Provide self-esteem and discipline for the youth with success in school, community, life and wrestling.


Taught Skills:


* Set Ups: Inside / outside control * Half
* Wrist / head control * Bars
* Russian Tie * Cradles
* Push / Pull set ups * Stand up series
* Fakes / shots from open * Scoring without shot
* Finishes singles high / low * Duck under
* High crotch * Drags
* Breakdowns * Shrugs
* Drag series * Countering shots & scoring
* Legs * Tilts
* Chain wrestling * Spiral rights
* Reversals * Claw ride
* Defense * Sit series
* Down block * Granby
* Sprawl * Peterson
* Wizards series * Navy ride
* Front headlock  
Our sport teaches dedication, commitment, perserverance, sacrifice, focus, goal setting, work ethic, mental toughness, and delayed gratifacation. It is all of these traits that characterize success in every facet of life.

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