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Member Results Page

This page will be dedicated to show results from our members competing in tournaments through out the year.  We encourage our students to compete in as many tournaments as possible.  The experience you receive at these tournaments is irreplaceable.  Please let us know if a member participates in an open wrestling tournament that is not listed here. 
PJW JR High State Tournament
Jacob Burgette 4-2 Placed 7th
Mark Leggin 0-2
Willie Evanitsky 1-2
Hector Pacheco 2-2
Reggie Dickey 1-2
Elijah Smallwood 0-2
Lauren's Hope-Northhampton 2/23/14
1st Place Finishers
Jacob Burgette

Jr High 105lb

Anthony Evanitsky Bantum 55lb
Willie Evanitsky Jr High 95lb
Austin Fashouer Junior 65lb
3rd Place Finishers
Reggie Dickie

Jr High 165lb

Mason Fashouer

Midget 65lb

Also competed
Jeramiah Oaks Jr High 110lb
Bobby Zelinski

Jr High 85lb

Lackawanna Trail Youth Tournament 2/22/14
1st Place Finishers
Austin Fashouer Junior 65lb
3rd Place Finishers
Mason Fashouer Midget 65lb
PJW Area XII Championship 2/16/14
1st Place Finishers
Jacob Burgette Jr High 102lb
Brandon Crusen 12u 145lb
Jeramiah Oaks 12u 105lb
Hector Pacheco Jr High 157lb
Jeremy Seymour 12u 155lb
2nd Place Finishers
Reggie Dickey Jr High 167lb
Willie Evanitsky Jr High 92lb
Austin Fashouer 12u 65lb
Mason Fashouer 10u 65lb
Mark Leggin Jr High 87lb
Elijah Smallwood Jr High 252lb
3rd Place Finishers
Bobby Zelinski 12u 85lb
Also Competed
Anthony Evanitsky

Midget 55lb

Tony Stanton Memorial 2/15/14
1st Place Finishers
Austin Fashouer Junior 65lb
2nd Place Finishers
Mason Fashouer Midget 65lb


Our sport teaches dedication, commitment, perserverance, sacrifice, focus, goal setting, work ethic, mental toughness, and delayed gratification is all of these traits that characterize success in every facet of life.

Life is not about discovering our talents; it is about pushing our talents to the limit and dscovering our genius.~Robert Brault

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