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Welcome to the Mat Assassins.

At Mat Assassins we recommend that students need to be properly prepared for practice to be able to get the most out of it.  Please follow our practice policies listed below:

1. Be on time for practice.  All wrestlers should be dressed with shoes on & tied when practice begins.  The later it takes you to get ready, the longer your partner has to wait as well.

2. Parents DO NOT drop off your children when no Coaches are present.

3. Do not wear your wrestling shoes outside to practice.  They do track in dirt and germs that will transfer to the mat your children are wrestling on.

4. Bring headgear to every practice.  Headgear is required at most venues where your child will wrestle. Mat Assassins is a strong advocate of its use. The more it is used at practice, the more natural it will feel during competitions.

5. Work as hard as you can at practice and do not be discouraged when going up against a stronger or more experienced partner. 

6. Be good listeners during practice and you will learn quickly.

7. Parents MUST be on time when picking up your child. 

8. Shower every night after practice. Please read the Hygiene page.



Our sport teaches dedication, commitment, perserverance, sacrifice, focus, goal setting, work ethic, mental toughness, and delayed gratifacation. It is all of these traits that characterize success in every facet of life.

Life is not about discovering our talents; it is about pushing our talents to the limit and dscovering our genius.~Robert Brault

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